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Re: missing Apache licence

Klaus Heinz <> writes:

> if I understood correctly, in the not too distant future _every_ package
> will have a LICENSE line. I guess there will be no objections to add
> missing licences like Apache 2.0 (as apache-license-2.0) to
> pkgsrc/licenses/?
> There are also versions 1.0 and 1.1 available at
> but I do not know whether we need them.

If you don't come across a package that uses them we don't need them.
Maybe in the glorious future pkglint will complain about unreferenced
files in pkgsrc/licenses

> Even www/apache uses the 2.0 licence.

We have more or less decided, although not documented [pause to edit
mk/], that free/open licenses do not end in -license.
apache-2.0 is in mk/, but not in licenses, and adding it
sounds good to me.

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