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Re: ultimate goal of DESTDIR support?

On Wed, 9 Jan 2008, Klaus Heinz wrote:
Although I do not remember seeing this explicitly said anywhere, I always
had the impression that the intent of DESTDIR support was to get away
from the current (traditional) method, ie some day in the future pkgsrc
would use DESTDIR installations by default.

Is this impression correct? Or is "DESTDIR" installation just a
nice-to-have feature and takes second place in importance to the
traditional method?

I'm not in a position to dictate what should be done,
but I think it would be nice for a number of reasons to move towards the latter scheme.

A question that comes to my little mind if it is possible to move all packages there, or if there are some general problems to expect that won't make a 100% DESTDIR-enabled pkgsrc reality.

 - Hubert

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