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Re: how to restart pbulk ?

> | >> one of my bulk build box crashed while running bulkbuild. How do we
> | >> restart an interrupted pbulk build, in the same way the old build
> | >> system did with 'sh build restart' ?
> |
> |> The simplest approach is to just copy bin/bulkbuild to
> |> bulkbuild-restart and comment out the pre_build and scan commands.
> |
> |I also had such problem several times and rerun buil/upload/report
> |stages manually. What about adding an option for this?

> ditto - although I didn't realise I could rerun individual stages and
> just had to wait for it to grind through those first stages again ... :)

pbulk is full of magic. The letter p is its only advantage :-( Yet?

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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