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Re: LICENSE in lang/perl5/Makefile

Greg Troxel wrote:
"Johnny C. Lam" <> writes:

Greg Troxel wrote:
It may be that we should add licenses/perl-license (perhaps just
referring to permission to copy under either gpl2 or artistic) and add
Yes, I think this is probably best.  I think "artistic-license" is the
better name, especially as I've seen other software projects using
this license.

I meant to add the file artistic-license, and then to add perl-license
that explains dual licensing under GPL and artistic, and then tag perl
with perl-license.  But just tagging with artistic sounds fine.

Right, this is one way to handle "AND" licensing requirements (as opposed to "OR" or alternative licensing requirements). My initial thoughts on this approach are that it doesn't seem scalable, but perhaps the number of such packages isn't very large. In the work you did to sweep pkgsrc to add LICENSE definitions to package Makefiles, what was the impression you had for the number of these types of packages?


        -- Johnny C. Lam

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