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Re: LICENSE in lang/perl5/Makefile

"Johnny C. Lam" <> writes:

> Greg Troxel wrote:
>> "Johnny C. Lam" <> writes:
>>> Klaus Heinz wrote:
> The point I was trying to make was that as a pkgsrc user, the most
> liberal license under which I may use and redistribute perl is the
> Artistic license, so that is the one that should be named by the
> LICENSE variable.  Given that we can't really list multiple licenses,
> setting LICENSE to the most liberal license seems like the best
> alternative.

Given that we don't support denoting multiple licenses, I concur that it
is appropriate to tag perl with artistic instead of GPL2.

>> It may be that we should add licenses/perl-license (perhaps just
>> referring to permission to copy under either gpl2 or artistic) and add
> Yes, I think this is probably best.  I think "artistic-license" is the
> better name, especially as I've seen other software projects using
> this license.

I meant to add the file artistic-license, and then to add perl-license
that explains dual licensing under GPL and artistic, and then tag perl
with perl-license.  But just tagging with artistic sounds fine.

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