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Re: test for curses before bootstrap

David Griffith wrote:
Wouldn't it be a good idea to include a check for curses headers during
bootstrap? I know its RTFM, but it may be non-trivial to track down why
the bootstrap stoped.

Something like this:

  echo_msg "Looking for curses header files"
if [ ! -f /usr/include/curses.h ] || [ ! -f /usr/include/ncurses.h ]; then die "You need curses header files to bootsrap pkgsrc (see README.$opsys)"

Most Linux distros seem to have a default lack of a development headers,
so this sounds like a very good idea.

I PRed this two years ago after experiencing a bootstrap failure:
I included a patch in the PR but it (or something equivalent) hasn't
been committed.



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