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Re: patch filenames

 >> Amount af efforts for sorting patches into logical blocks is well
 >> known.  The question is WHEN these efforts are necessary. Every time
 >> you change even one line in source code to keep your patches/ in a
 >> consistent state?  Or once before sending them to upstream maintainer.
 >> I'd prefer to do this once.

> Mmm, sorry?  I don't understand you here.

I don't see any problem in catting patches/* once before sending them
to upstream, and I think mkpatches is good enough.

 make patch
 [optional] rm patches/*
 mv xxx/.newpatches/* patches/
 make mps

Do you really know a better/easier way?

 >>> Upstream wants patches
 >> As an upstream maintainer I'd tell you that I personally DO NOT NEED

> Maybe you don't.  But I've had lots of patches integrated verbatim
> into mainstream sources.  Providing good patches is a good


Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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