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Re: pkgsrc NEWS. Where?

 >> Sometimes new imprortant features in pkgsrc are implemented.
 >> [...]
 >> Is there a way to be aware of such things as soon as they appears
 >> without reading all messages in tech-pkg@ mailing list ans without
 >> reading cvs commits?

> I think that's not yet available.
Then how people create and maintain their packages? :-)
Not all important changes are sent to tech-pkg@.

> But having an introduction of new features is a very good idea!
wiki? new mailing list? special marker to cvs commit's comment message?

> Maybe this could be bundled with the quarterly release of the pkgsrc
> branch.
To make this quarterly - too seldom IMHO.
Currently CHANGES-2007 look absolutely useless for me.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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