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Broken recursive builtin checks


the makefile fragment "pkgsrc/fonts/Xft2/" contains these

# These are dependencies of Xft2.  If we need to use the pkgsrc
# versions of any of these, then also use the pkgsrc version of
# Xft2.
.if defined(USE_BUILTIN.Xrender) && !empty(USE_BUILTIN.Xrender:M[nN][oO])
USE_BUILTIN.Xft2=       no
.if defined(USE_BUILTIN.fontconfig) && !empty(USE_BUILTIN.fontconfig:M[nN][oO])
USE_BUILTIN.Xft2=       no

These checks do however not work because e.g. "USE_BUILTIN.fontconfig"
is not defined. The only way I work around this is to add ...

.include "../../fonts/fontconfig/"

... which seems very bogus to me.

This causes problems under Mac OS X Leopard where "Xft2" is good enough
for "pkgsrc" but "fontconfig" isn't. The "fontconfig" package correctly
decides not to use the builtin version but the "Xft2" package doesn't.

This problem is masked on most platforms because "PREFER_PKGSRC" contains
"fontconfig" and "Xft2".

Can somebody give me a clue how to fix this?

        Kind regards

Matthias Scheler                        

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