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Re: RFC: New pkglint warning for Makefile.common

Johnny C. Lam wrote:
Roland Illig wrote:

$ pkglint -e x11/labltk
WARN: x11/labltk/../../lang/ocaml/Makefile.common:3: \
        Please add a line "# used by x11/labltk/Makefile" here.

        Since Makefile.common files usually don't have any comments and
        therefore not a clearly defined interface, they should at least
        contain references to all files that include them, so that it is
        easier to see what effects future changes may have.

        If there are more than five packages that use a Makefile.common,
        you should think about giving it a proper name (maybe
        and documenting its interface.

Do you find this warning useful? Unnecessary? Whatever?

This is useful, if a bit verbose. Documenting which Makefiles include Makefile.common is just generally a good idea.

The verbosity comes from the "-e" option to pkglint.


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