Subject: RE: Four pkg building design questions
To: David Maxwell <>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/24/2000 00:39:15
On 24-Jan-00 David Maxwell wrote:
> 1. When a FreeBSD port exists, importing it and making changes from there is:
> (D) Optional (criteria?)
 or (E) advised against.

Actually If it's easier for you to do like that.. then by all means do so.  But
don't make life hard on yourself just so you can import freebsd cvs goo.  If
you can rewrite it from scratch faster than fixing all the freebsdisms.. then
do so by all means.  If you have borrowed 90% of the makefile from freebsd,
then import it.

> 2. Packages with libs or includes should have their own directory in
> $PREFIX/[lib/include] when:
> (C) The package has more than 2 files.
   s/2/9000/ or
  (D) Never  or
  (E) Only if things will break horribly without doing so.  An example of this
would be if gnome expected everything to live in lib/gnome, and by forcing it
into lib, you have to fix autoconf on every gnome pkg for the rest of your life.

> 3. contrib type files, like example scripts for use with a pkg should be:
> (B) installed in share/example/(pkg)

> 4. libraries distributed with a package should be:
> (C) B, if likely to be used by other packages.

 C... but s/likely/definately/

for example.. breaking the jpeg pkg into jpeg libs and binaries is rediculous..
because you are only saving 100k if you only install one of them.  But if a
40meg application installs a 20k library, and it generates dependencies because
of it.. then perhaps that 20k lib should be broken out.

Tim Rightnour <>
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