Subject: Re: NetBSD System Packages: WORK PLAN (fwd)
To: Jim Wise <>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/24/2000 00:30:33
On 23-Jan-00 Jim Wise wrote:
> I'm leaning toward adding a flag to pkg_* to have them work on sets
> (perhaps pkg_{info,add,delete} -X set_file.tgz [pkg_name]) to work with
> a set or a package from a set), and then have sysinst call through to
> pkg_add much as it calls through to pax now.  If this makes sense, is
> there some value of `X' that is not currently used in any of the pkg_*
> which can be reserved in all of them?

Personally.. I'd be happy if we defined a special suffix, say .set and if
pkg_add was called against that (and it was a bz/gz tarball) then pkg_add
should automaticly do the right thing..

Another way to do this.. would be to have a set of "set" commands..  perhaps
automaticly triggered by the input file..  but would be simple.. like:

pkg_add base.set -L
        would list all the sub-pkgs in base.set

pkg_add base.set all
        magic keyword to install them all

pkg_add base.set foo bar baz
        install foo bar and baz pkgs.

Just brainstorming...

Tim Rightnour <>
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