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Re: fork performance

On Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 07:41:51AM +1300, Lloyd Parkes wrote:
> Further testing shows me that the problem is related to some different
> between cvs 1.12.13 and cvs 1.11.23.
> The answer to my problem is fairly obvious, use cvs 1.11.23.
> I have taken 30 second ktrace from cvs 1.12.13 that shows fork
> taking a quarter of a second every time.

Was that before it returned in the parent, or in the child?
I've seen issues in the past (wasn't actually NetBSD) where the child
was scheduled before the parent (dunno which NetBSD schedules first)
and if the child didn't block the parent's priority slowly got lower
and lower (if the system was busy).
This was a listener, and the process's priority got so bad connect
requests started timing out!

> This was after cvs had been running for about 12 hours on this task and it
> didn't occur to me to get a copy of its memory map before I killed it.

Did you even look at the size?
Might have been growing a lot.


David Laight:

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