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Re: NPF and PF

* Manuel Bouyer <> wrote, on 2020-12-17 03:13:
> One thing I didn't mention in my previous emails is that, for the Xen
> example, npf should accept to load rules with nonexistent interfaces
> (the interfaces are created later).

I have this same problem with npf and tun interfaces.

My tun interfaces are generally not created until a particular process
starts and creates them with an open() call on /dev/tunN.

npf was not happy with the non-existent interfaces being referenced
in the ruleset.

I was able to work around the problem by creating a 'ifconfig.tun0', etc,
in rc.conf, with only an 'up' action in it, which causes the interface
to be created (by /etc/rc.d/network).

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