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Re: Let's not count unknown ethertypes as interface errors?

Martin Husemann <> writes:

I agree that this is not an error.

> Several easy solutions:
>  - like the comment says: create a special "unknown protocols" counter
>    and use that for this case, leaving the other "goto drop;" in that
>    function still increase ierrors
>  - just delete the last line (if_statinc) here - no real error to be seen,
>    just ignore it silentely
>  - as above, but conditionalize it on some net.$whatever debug sysctl
>    setting
> I would go for the most easy way (2nd suggestion, just delete it).

There is if_noproto already,  sys/net/if_stats.h line 51.

It is used in vlan, ppp, gre and others for more or less "the next-layer
field has a value we don't handle" which is exactly what's going on
here.  So please just change to if_noproto instead (and you can drop the
comment even).

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