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On 31/08/2019 04:50, Roy Marples wrote:
So my question is this - should we remove RTM_ADD/CHANGE/DELETE for the no-longer cloned routes and fix RTM_MISS to always be reportable?

I thought about this a lot and have now comitted fixes and submitted PR's for -9.
Here's the commit details if too lazy to read source-changes@

inet6: Send RTM_MISS when we fail to resolve an address.

Takes the same approach as when adding a new address - we no longer
announce the new lladdr right away but we announce the result.
This will either be RTM_ADD or RTM_MISS.
RTM_DELETE is only sent if we have a lladdr assigned OR gc'ed.

This results in less messages via route(4) and tells us when a new
lladdr has been added (RTM_ADD), changed (RTM_CHANGE), deleted (RTM_DELETED)
or has failed to been resolved (RTM_MISS). The latter case can be
interpreted as unreachable.

While looking over the code I also made this change:

inet6: Re-introduce ND6_LLINFO_WAITDELETE so we can return EHOSTDOWN

Once we've sent nd6_mmaxtries NS messages, send RTM_MISS and move to the
ND6_LLINFO_WAITDELETE state rather than freeing the llentry right away.
Wait for a probe cycle and then free the llentry.

If a connection attempts to re-use the llentry during ND6_LLINFO_WAITDELETE,
return EHOSTDOWN (or EHOSTUNREACH if a gateway) to match inet behaviour.
Continue to ND6_LLINFO_INCOMPLETE and send another NS probe in hope of a
reply. Rinse and repeat.

This reverts part of nd6.c r1.14 - an 18 year old commit!


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