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Re: vmx(4) ignoring MTU changes

> On 4/01/2019, at 10:24 PM, Dustin Marquess <> wrote:
> Was trying to see if vmx(4) supported jumbo pages when I noticed that
> it seems to completely ignore all MTU changes at all:

It’s quite possible that vmx(4) doesn’t support jumbo frames for the same reason that vioif doesn’t support jumbo frames, and that is that the programmer porting the driver didn’t know how to handle jumbo frames with mbuf(9). A few years ago I asked on this list if anyone knew how to handle jumbo frames with mbuf(9) and didn’t get a reply.

I tried to RTFM and RTFS but that didn’t work out either. 

TFM appears to have been written by a non-native speaker of English (or a computer programmer, same thing). The information in TFM is pretty good, but sometimes the wrong words are used. I’ll try and remember to file a PR with patches. For an API as extensive as mbuf(9), some examples would be really useful and this is the area where TFM is most lacking IMHO.

As for TFS, I think network hardware has got a bit more complicated since I was fooling about with 10Mb/s ethernet…


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