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Re: ipfilter randomly dropping (ssh-)connections

On 12/06/2014 1:57 AM, Petar Bogdanovic wrote:
> Hi,
> about a week ago, the automated daily ssh-tunnels to a netbsd-6 box
> started to close shortly after they were established (client said
> "Connection closed by remote host"; server said: "fatal: Write failed:
> Network is unreachable").  A quick tcpdump revealed that the server side
> at one point just FINs the connection and then spams the client with a
> bunch of TCP resets.
> After a while of tcpdump and ktrace, disabling ipfilter (v4.1.34) solved
> the problem.  Which was very confusing, because its ipf.conf hasn't
> changed for years.

Did anything change or has it really just started happening?


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