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Re: Bridge forwarding employing pktqueue

Ryota Ozaki <> wrote:
> The summary of the changes:
> - Add pktqueue_t *sc_fwd_pktq to bridge_softc
> - Add net.interfaces.bridgeN.fwdq.{maxlen,len,drops}
>   sysctl
> - Add 3rd argument to pktq_create to pass sc
>   to softint_establish
> - Export sysctl_pktq_maxlen and sysctl_pktq_count
>   to use them in if_bridge.c
> <...>
> An integrated patch is attached and available here:

Why xc_broadcast()?   If you want to reuse sysctl_pktq_maxlen and
sysctl_pktq_count helpers, then perhaps it is worth to move them to
pktqueue.c file.  If we would have a better designed sysctl(9) API,
such helpers and ugly macros would not exist, but.. let's at least
keep them where they belong.

Otherwise, the the patch seems fine to me.


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