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Re: cubic patch

> Networks haven't broken because the Linux systems use Cubic or RFC
> 6926.

Networks haven't been driven completely unusable, no.  But networks
break so often that I'm not sure anyone can really ascribe a cause to
the breakage - or lack thereof - with any real level of confidence.

> But end user performance has improved a lot because of these changes.
> And I think NetBSD should offer those performance improvements as
> well.

I remain unconvinced this isn't just Linux, collectively, getting
selfish and aggressively grabbing more of the network, in which case it
would catastrophically fail the "what if everyone did it" test.  Linux,
as much as it may outnumber NetBSD, is still way outnumbered by other
systems, notably Windows, and is nowhere near widespread enough to, by
itself, constitute a "what if everyone did it" experiment.

As I wrote in another recent email in this thread, I realize that
today's net _is_ selfishly aggressive, but I still don't think that's
any reason why NetBSD should exacerbate the problem.  Until NetBSD can
be confident CUBIC _does_ pass the "what if everyone did it" test, I
think adopting it would be a bad idea.

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