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Re: IPsec vs ssh

On Nov 10,  9:23pm, Mouse wrote:
} >> To be more precise, I don't want ssh packets to be handled
} > Off the top of my head, I'm not sure how you would go about excluding
} > a single protocol.
} I'm tempted to tell you to stop being dense, but I don't know you well
} enough to be sure that's what it is.
} I think Darren is probably expecting the exception to apply not
} strictly to ssh connections but rather to port-22 connections.  I too

     Well obviously, it would be port 22 traffic.  That should go
without saying.  Nevermind the lose usage of the word "protocol".
ssh is an application, not a protocol, if we want to use strict
networking terminology.

} think doing anything of the sort for exactly ssh connections will be
} very difficult, but port 22 should be relatively easy and, in most

     So, where's your solution?

}-- End of excerpt from Mouse

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