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Re: BPF_MISC+BPF_COP and BPF_COPX (summary and patch)

Look, if you're going to appeal to core to approve changes for
committing then don't bother posting them to tech-net or any other list
because it is quite clear that you are not interested in feedback, only
people to rubber-stamp your ideas.

All of which to say is that I'm sorry I bothered replying to any email
in this thread because obviously I've wasted my time, as have others who
have replied to emails in this thread.

There is no point involving people in the community if you (and those
funding your work) take this approach in development.

In future please don't bother emailing this list or any other with your
ideas as it is obvious that you (and your backers) are simply not
interested in what others have to say.

Kind Regards,

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