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Re: IPv6 DoS

In article <>,
Loganaden Velvindron  <> wrote:
>Hi all,
>i saw this vulnerability that was MFC'ed in OpenBSD:
> 005: RELIABILITY FIX: May 31, 2013   All architectures
>A local denial of service is possible by an unprivileged user if 
>the SIOCSIFADDR ioctl is performed upon an AF_INET6 socket with a 
>specially crafted parameter. 
>Going through the netbsd in6.c code, it looks like netbsd is vulnerable
>as well.

The patch is not needed, we fixed that 7 years ago:

1.105        (christos 03-Jun-06):       * XXX: Fix me, once we fix SIOCSIFADDR,
1.104        (christos 03-Jun-06):       */
1.104        (christos 03-Jun-06):      case SIOCSIFADDR:
1.105        (christos 03-Jun-06):      case SIOCSIFDSTADDR:
1.129        (cube     27-May-07): #ifdef SIOCSIFCONF_X25
1.106        (christos 03-Jun-06):      case SIOCSIFCONF_X25:
1.110        (matt     25-Aug-06): #endif
1.104        (christos 03-Jun-06):              return EOPNOTSUPP;

You might as well tell OpenBSD that SIOCSIFDSTADDR is problematic too ;-)


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