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Re: ifconfig v2

Le 15/06/13 00:20, Lars Schotte a écrit :
In the case of "ip addr show", the output is indeed synthetic and
convenient, but "ip" syntax is just cumbersome. Please, no, don't turn
ifconfig into "ip+iw". I would rather favor an explicit flag to give a
more useful output, or have a _careful_ look at what others OS did. Just
look at the horrid mess created by "ip" when you configure an IP alias,
and then try to manipulate it through ifconfig. And that's one example
among many (route/source routing, virtual functions, ...)

??? LOL ... i do not see a problem there as well.

1 - Configure an IP alias for an interface with ip:

ip addr add <IP> dev <whatever>

Then just do an ifconfig -a, look for it, and unset it.

Now do the same, this time by creating the alias via ifconfig eth:<N> and use ip(8). See? Two ways of doing the same thing, however you do not end up with the same result.

2 - Use ip rules, create a dedicated routing table, then netstat -r.

so i agree on that point that it should be styled better than linux does, but 
on the
other topics i do not see a difference. ifconfig on BSD's are mess nowadays too.

or are you wanting to sell me that FreeBSD's way to configure wlans is cool?

I am not selling anything, ergonomy is a matter of personal taste. However I consider that a command that starts with a 3 page-long BNF definition is just silly, and I understand why many stayed with the old, broken ifconfig/route.

Jean-Yves Migeon

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