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Re: ifconfig v2

On 12/06/2013 20:20, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
my comment was about enabling offload by default.
If it's enabled by default, then the default ifconfig view should show
if offload if there or not.

dyoung indicated once the example you gave where it's relevant is fixed it's fine to be removed which I'm happy with

For example, the ip output from Linux

I wouldn't quote linux network tools as example myself, I've always found them hard to use. How to find the information you're looking for is not

Please don't apply generic blanket statements like that, there are plently of network tools on Linux which work on NetBSD. Some linux tools are indeed hard to use and confusing, but I find the same with some NetBSD tools also.

But back on topic, I do find the content of the default ip output gives me the information I need 99% of the time without spamming stuff I'm really not that interested in. And I look at network configs a lot due to what I do in the open source world.

Things I care about

1) device name
2) media type
3) link status (include Network connected to if wireless)
4) addresses

Anything else is just extra admin detail which goes beyond the setup of a singular interface


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