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Re: Mandatory PFIL_HOOKS

Mindaugas Rasiukevicius <> writes:

> Unless anyone objects, I would like to make packet filter hooks mandatory
> and therefore remove PFIL_HOOKS option.  They are small, often used and not
> worth the #ifdef mess.

I am not objecting, but I wonder if anyone can shed light on

  what fraction of machines/kernels are in the following categories:
    don't have PFIL_HOOKS because they care about performance
    don't have PFIL_HOOKS and don't care
    dot have PFIL_HOOKS and don't need them
    do have PFIL_HOOKS and do need them

  for a machine which is just forwarding, and doesn't need firewalling
  or anything else, how does having PFIL_HOOKS with no actual hooks
  change performance?

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