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Re: Patch to implement SIOCGIFINDEX

On Apr 2, 2013, at 2:29 PM, Ty Sarna <> wrote:

> On Apr 2, 2013, at 5:14 PM, Ty Sarna <> wrote:
>> It's really the most useful thing for this use (sockaddr_can), because it's
>> stable across the attachment life of an interface.
> As are interface indexes, for that matter. But interface names are more
> likely to be the same across multiple attachment lifetimes. If someone
> yanks and reattaches interfaces between the time you specify an ifname
> and the time the bind happens, at least you'll get a failure or be bound
> to the same *kind* of interface, instead of something else.

Note that ifindex'es on NetBSD are not reused.

Which is one reason I choose them for this.

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