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Re: Increase tcp initial window

  From: draft-ietf-tcpm-initcwnd-08.txt

  This document proposes to raise the upper bound on TCP's initial
     window (IW) to 10 segments (maximum 14600B). It is patterned after
     and borrows heavily from RFC 3390 [RFC3390] and earlier work in this
     area. Due to lingering concerns about possible side effects to other
     flows sharing the same network bottleneck, some of the
     recommendations are conditional on additional monitoring and

My memory is that this draft was quite controversial and has not
achieved Proposed Standard status.

In general, the notion of allowing user tunability [1] of congestion
control to do things which are not generally regarded as safe is a bit

But I could be off about the IETF status of IW10.

[1] Yes, I get it that users can rebuild their kernels to do arbitrary
things.  Partly this is about not helping people without adequate
technical skill to violate internet norms, and partly it's about setting

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