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Re: locking errors in IPF in netbsd-6

On 11/03/2013 5:28 AM, Chuck Silvers wrote:
> recently I had occasion to run "ipfstat -f" (which I had never run before)
> on a netbsd-6 system, and it immediately rebooted.  no dump device 
> configured, alas.
> I tried it again later on a test system and ipfstat hung instead:
> db{0}> t/a  fffffe8429568680
> trace: pid 328 lid 1 at 0xfffffe811e2e4d00
> sleepq_block() at netbsd:sleepq_block+0xad
> turnstile_block() at netbsd:turnstile_block+0x2bb
> rw_vector_enter() at netbsd:rw_vector_enter+0x1eb
> ipf_findtoken() at netbsd:ipf_findtoken+0x44
> fr_nat_ioctl() at netbsd:fr_nat_ioctl+0x4a3
> cdev_ioctl() at netbsd:cdev_ioctl+0x77
> VOP_IOCTL() at netbsd:VOP_IOCTL+0x3b
> vn_ioctl() at netbsd:vn_ioctl+0x76
> sys_ioctl() at netbsd:sys_ioctl+0x13c
> syscall() at netbsd:syscall+0xc4
> there are some obvious locking problems to do with "ipf_tokens"
> in the version of IPF in the 6.x branch, this lock can be unlocked
> when it's not held.  does the attached patch look correct?
> (the more recent version of IPF in -current doesn't have these problems)
> -Chuck


Thanks for picking that up.
You're right in that the comment is wrong.


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