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Re: refactoring ip_output() and the L2 _output()

>> I'd like ether_output never, ever to deal with the routing table,
>> but arpresolve() deals some in routes,

IMO this is a misfeature - borderline bug - and is responsible for at
least one other botch.  Back in early March 2012, I went looking to see
if I could eliminate sin_zero.  This turned out to be "impossible"
(really meaning "way more work than it was worth to me"), and the
reason was exactly this: because of the way the ARP code (ab)uses the
routing table.  I think I wrote up my conclusions and sent them to the
list...yeah, at least for other values of "the list": I sent my note to
tech-kern. is
(the archived copy of) my report to the list.

Arranging for ARP entries to have nothing to do with the (IPv4) routing
table would be an excellent move, IMO.

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