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Re: npf unstability after Dec 24

Anthony Mallet <> wrote:
> npf is basically working fine. However, I had to revert the sys/net/npf
> directory to Dec 24 (i.e. right before latest rmind@ Christmas commit :).
> The -current npf made my gateway _very_ unstable, like freezing (not even
> panicking) after no more than one hour of little network activity
> (sometimes a few minutes only after boot). With npf from Dec 24, the
> gateway has now been up and running without a hitch for ~4 hours.
> I know this message is not going to be really helpful :) (I can of course
> still provide any detail or do some more testing), but I was wondering if
> this issue was already more or less known?

That change (nbuf interface rework) was quite invasive, so I expected
instability.  There is another round of changes I hope to commit soon.

However, could you provide more information about the problem you are
experiencing (e.g. backtraces from DEBUG/DIAGNOSTIC/LOCKDEBUG kernel)?


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