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Re: IPv6 ICMPv6 neighbor solicitation - ignored between different prefixes

On Sun, Oct 21, 2012 at 07:15:35PM +0200, Lars Schotte wrote:
> Hi NetBSD tech-net,
> I did set up a testing scenario with VirtualBox and first i did think
> that there is something wrong with the virtualized network, but then i
> realized that the problem is much bigger that it may seem.
> Scenario looks like following:
> Host   Linux----NetBSD1 --- NetBSD2 ---NetBSD3
> Prefix::50:1  LinkLocal       LinkLocal       Prefix::50:33/128
> Routing looks well, and it actually works

given that you show three links, the two hosts NetBSD1 and NetBSD2
have two addresses, one on each link.

What is your routing setup? Is the prefix on the two links really
supposed to be the same? On which device do "Linux" and "NetBSd3"
have that non-linklocal address? How do the routing tables look
on each of the four mentioned machines?

Before you answer all that, I have no idea what you want to tell
us by "routing looks well". (In fact, if the "Prefix" to the left
and the right are the same, there can't be any routing that I 
would call "well".)


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