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Re: bpf jit

Martin Husemann <> wrote:
> I had a look at what it would take to add support for sparc* to bpf_jit
> and sljit - and found that the effort (both amount of work and
> complexity) is roughly the same. The hardest part is verifying it, we
> don't have reasonable tests for either [in bpf context, I don't know
> about a potentialy existing sljit test suite that could be used
> indepently of the bpf stuff to verify a new codegen] currently. I will
> have a look at it once we settle this discussion.

BPF regression test from FreeBSD has more than 80 test cases, which I
think is pretty good (do we have any other component/interface with more
test cases in our test suite?).  Nevertheless we can add more.


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