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Re: mii misfeature/bug - mii_statchg

On 22/07/2012 6:06 AM, Matt Thomas wrote:
> ...
> The problem comes in that mii_statchg always passes the parent of the
> phy (mdio0) but it should pass the device_t of the attached interface.
> I think the right (but messy) change is to pass "mii_ifp" to statchg
> and change mii_data.mii_statchg to take a struct ifnet * instead of a
> device_t.  But requires changing a lot of drivers.  Instead I added
> a mii_ifstatchg which passes a struct ifnet *.  The user can decide
> which to use.

That sounds like you're inviting future bugs by way of having two
competing interfaces, not to mention the "do I implement/use X or
Y or both?"

And since when has changing a lot of drivers stopped NetBSD taking
the high road?


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