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Re: Specifying names for tap interfaces

In article <>,
Manuel Bouyer  <> wrote:
>On Wed, Jul 04, 2012 at 06:34:36PM +0100, Roger Pau Monne wrote:
>> >if I did read it properly, there's no way to know the driver and unit number
>> >once the name has been changed ?
>> Yes it is, drvctl -p <new_name>, will print the driver and unit number.
>OK, I see.
>> >Also, there is a change to bpf that looks unrelated. As it changes the
>> >semantic, this should at last be documented.
>> The change to bpf is explained in the email. It is changed to accept
>> interfaces not ending in a number, so you can use for example
>> foo2bar as an interface name.
>Dareen pointed out that such name would cause problems with various tools.
>I guess bpf is not the only place that needs to be fixed.

I still don't see justification for this feature. Why can't the parent open
the device and pass the name/fd to the child?


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