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re. SMP networking

apologies for cross-post. this is in follow-up to the earlier mail sent as below.

dear board members.
to briefly introduce: i've been an active BSD user from more than 12 yrs now and did contribute a bit myself to the NetBSD work. i take great pride in calling myself a "BSD-guy". so far i was being employed in places i could play and experiment with BSD. basically the BSD earned bread for me and my family.

now the time has come to realize my entrepreneurial skills and contribute it in whatever small way i could back to the BSD community. we have established a start-up in Bangalore India. a small team of passionate engineers and necessary business drivers, we have in association with us some of the known names of the community. while arriving at a plan i was referred to this particular project by a friend of mine who's also an active community member. the particular project i am referring to is "SMP Networking" URL:

i'd like to know if anybody has already been engaged and what's the status of this activity? if it is still up to be taken - we're interested and could dedicate our resources for this work. we do have necessary platform identified for this purpose, of course there're some immediate challenges to complete this particular activity, but given our backgrounds and the associations we're pretty confident to take this up and do the justice.

appreciate your support and look forward to the opportunity.

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