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Re: ipftest-ing IPv6 ipf rules

On 10/02/2012 6:45 AM, Edgar Fuß wrote:
>> If you use "tcpdump -x", you can get a hex dump of already existing
>> packets. That might help.
> No. We want to craft packets for testing.
> Until then, probably the attached perl script helps.
> It reads a format similar to ipftest's "text" format and outputs ipftest's 
> "hex" format.
> I'm always astonished how simple tasks like this are given perl's wealth of 
> modules.

When you update to NetBSD 6, ipftest should work with IPv6
packet descriptions in text like this:

in6 on zx0 tcp 10:1:1::1,1026 10::3:4:5,40000


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