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Re: sin_zero

>> I am tempted to simply change the routing table config to

>>      rn_inithead, 32, 8,

>> (probably spelling 8 using sizeof and offsetof rather than a literal
>> constant, probably also changing 32 to an offsetof call like the one
>> IPv6 uses).

> Without looking at the code, I would be a bit cautious about code
> and/or data structures that are being used for more than just IPv4.

Well, the radix tree code used for the routing tables is the same code
for v4, v6, and anything else (is there anything else using it?).  All
I was thinking of changing are the parameters set in inetdomain.

> Copying sin_zero into the IPv4 routing table can only be a bug
> though.

That was my own reaction too.  But I've now tried that change, and,
while the system didn't visibly explode, it also didn't fix the issue;
I still had to pass in zeroed sin_zero in order to get working routes.
I haven't (yet) tracked down why.

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