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Re: ipftest-ing IPv6 ipf rules

EF> What's the recommended way to test v6 rules?
So I figured out that the snoop reader is v4 only, too.

The tcpdump reader doesn't work either.

Next, I tried the pcap reader. Well, it didn't work with v6.
It didn't work with v4 either.
It's broken on amd64 (more precisely, on systems where sizeof(long) !=4).
The problem is that the pcap packet header is defined to be 16 bytes long,
consisting of four 32-bit quantities. The first two quantities are seconds
and microseconds of the packet's time stamp.
However, in pcap-ipf.h, struct pcap_pkthdr starts with a struct timeval.
A struct timeval is two long's. So you end up with a 24-byte type.

Does anyone actually use ipftest on non-i386 non-IPv4 systems?

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