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ipfilter-implemented IPv6 source based routing crashes 5.1

Early pre-PR, and a question:

The Router is a Soekris 4501 running NetBSD-5.1/i386

I've entered 

pass out quick on pppoe1 to pppoe2:fe80::4711%pppoe2 from 2001:db8:2222::/48 to 

or, alternatively

pass out quick on pppoe1 to pppoe2 from 2001:db8:2222::/48 to any

(address range replaced by documentation prefix) into the kernel using
ipf -6 -f /the/file 

The first traceroute6 packet hitting the router (from the inside) 
crashes it. Unresponsive shell, unresponsive sshd, after a while it

I didn't manage yet to set up a console and watch what it reports.

A thought occured to me: so I need to replace "to any" by 
"to !2001:db8:2222::/48" ?

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