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Re: working example setup for source-based routing with ipfilter?

> The idea is to route outgoing packets to the interface that would
> receive their source addresses (else my upstreams would filter them).

That kind of routing is exactly what srt interfaces are for.  I just
now looked, and the version in the 5.1 source tarballs appears to at
least try to support INET6.  NetBSD's version is missing a change that
makes it cooperate with "keep state" style firewalling (eg, most NAT
setups), but that is unlikely to matter for v6.  However, it may be
effectively unmaintained; it doesn't seem to have real locking calls in
it, and might not work right on little-endian machines - comparing it
against my version I see an ntohl which I think I added when I started
using it on i386 (for most of its existence I was using it on sparc).

Still, might be worth trying.

Of course, if you have some reason for wanting to do this with ipfilter
in particular, then ignore me. :-)

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