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Re: GSoC 2011 project proposal [packet timestamping]

Great thanks for your attention & time!

I devised the following project deliverables to source tree:

1. Set of patches to src/sys/[kern,netinet]/
2. [Probably]  tstamp_clk.c source file to src/sys/kern (?)
(timestamping clock API)

So my questions are:

1. Where (to what files in src/sys) should these changes go?

2. Also, what else should be mentioned in proposal?
(The proposal itself is here:

3. Is the following short description of proposal is clear?

>It is often needed for applications that receive data via UDP to store data 
>with its reception time, or account packets arrival time as precisely as 

>Right now NetBSD provides some basic packet timestamping which needs
>to be extended and implemented in NIC drivers.
>The idea if this project is to implement timestamping as a capability (like a 
>If network driver doesn't support it timestamping will be done in if_input 
>(with a small loss of accuracy).

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