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Re: porting OpenBSD's eephy(4) driver to replace makphy(4)

On Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 06:49:40PM -0400, Greg A. Woods wrote:
> >   I think OpenBSD uses the
> > other driver for the Intel Gig-E so it's quite unlikely that eephy has had
> > any testing with Intel's "Marvell" PHYs.
> Do you mean with the OpenBSD em(4) driver?  I.e. the one with built-in
> PHY support written by Intel themselves for FreeBSD, then ported to
> OpenBSD?  I thought though Intel only ever used their own chips on their
> own cards, especially in the more recent Gig-E and 10Gig-E varieties,
> including those this driver is supposed to support.

The early Intel cards without integrated PHY often used Marvell PHYs.
Many if not most of the Intel PHYs are derived from the separate Marvell
PHYs and some of the early integrated ones even claim to be made by

Since em(4) doesn't use the generic MII/PHY framework there will have been
no testing of eephy for these cases on OpenBSD.  It probably wants some,
lest we break wm(4) by replacing makphy.


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