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Re: Another update for axe(4)

> I still looking for some guidance on whether or not my changes or 
> Fukaumi-san's changes (or neither?) should be committed?

Well, probably it's great to merge both changes ;-)

With a quick glance, these ones should be pulled from Fukaumi-san's one:
 - more KNF cleanup (u_char -> uint8_t, no braces for return etc.)
   (I don't like uWord though)
 - make axe_init() return int to match our (*ifp->if_init)()
 - change axe_stop() args to match our (*ifp->if_stop)()
 - USETW()/UGETW() macro
 - callout_setfunc()/callout_schedule() rather than callout_reset()
 - callout_destroy() is required on detach?
 - one ether_ifdetach(ifp) is enough in axe_detach()
 - it might be worth to try axe_start() in axe_tick_task()?
 - IFQ_POLL() should be used to check TX mbuf and
   IF_DEQUEUE() should be called after TX is actually ready in axe_start()
 - probably needs callout_stop() (or axe_stop()?) in axe_init()
 - AXE_RXCMD_MULTICAST in rxmode is required or not?
 - AXE_RXCMD_PROMISC and AXE_RXCMD_BROADCAST should be set in axe_setmulti()?
 - USBD_NO_COPY is better? (not sure if buffers are allocated by bus_dma(9))
 - ioctl function is much simpler and seems correct (per other drivers)
 - IFQ_IS_EMPTY() macro in axe_watchdog()

No idea for PHY/MII media options etc.
Izumi Tsutsui

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