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standalone Marvell-SKNet driver in netboot


I'm currently working on a standalone network driver for Marvell SKNet
(vendor 0x11ab, device 0x4320), which can be used to boot a kernel via
netboot into a Synology NAS. Unfortunately there is no documentation
available, neither from Marvell nor from Syskonnect, so I have to look
at sys/dev/pci/if_sk.c and try to understand it.

Now I have the following problem: the chip seems correctly initialized,
auto-negotiation is working, but the MAC-address is wrong! I'm always
reading 00:11:22:33:44:54.

Has anybody experienced this problem with a Yukon-based sk(4) before,
and knows how to solve it? Is it already a bug in sk(4) or did I forget

When I boot Linux on the same device, the MAC address is correct.

Frank Wille

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