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IPFilter 4.1.34 Imported

This afternoon I imported IPFilter 4.1.34 into NetBSD.
This import introduces the kernel configuration option "IPFILTER_COMPAT."
When present in a kernel config file, it will enable older versions of ipfilter
binaries to be used with a new kernel. It has been tested with x86 & sparc64
using a current kernel on 5.0 successfully.


4.1.34 - Release 11 MArch 2010

2964907 uninitialised use compile error
2959506 ipfstat does not display rules with compat
2949139 FR_T_BUILTIN masked out incorrectly
2937422 packets filtered with pools should not be cached'
2935529 use of rules with tags leads to deadlock
2917501 whitespace cleanup required
2881514 in/out  object functions not wired for compatibility
2841771 ipf/ippool rule maintenace bugs: memory leak, ref-counter bug
2839698 H.323 proxy does not clear fin_state/fin_nat

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