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Re: IPfilter NAT and stalled TCP connexions

> I use IPFilter on a gateway, to perform 1:1 NAT mapping, and I have
> an annoying problem with stalled TCP connexions.

> As I understand, the default lifetime of a TCP mapping in the NAT
> table is one minute.  After one minute of inactivity for the TCP
> connexion, the mapping vanishes.  If the client sends data, the
> mapping is reinstantiated and the TCP connexion resumes normally.

Any particular reason you're using a stateful NAT?  This makes it sound
as though you really want a stateless NAT, one which just rewrites
addresses, without doing many-to-one mapping or stateful firewalling -
in which case you're either using the wrong tool or you're configuring
it wrong, I don't know ipf well enough to know which.

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