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Re: route command cannot set up route through point-to-point interface

> Netbsd's route command seems to reject route through point-to-point
> interface.

That's odd; it's always worked fine for me.  Could you give a specific
example, showing the configuraitno, the route command attempted, and
the failure message?

> I checked out difference of the source code between netbsd and
> freebsd, and maked following patch.

I'm guessing here, trying to reverse-engineer the behaviour you don't
like from the patch, but it looks almost as though you're expecting to
specify the _local_, not _remote_, address of the .2. interface on the
route command.  If so, I'd say the bug is in your expectations; in
other cases, the gateway given to route(8) is the (non-local) address
of the next-hop machine, not an address on the local machine.

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