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Re: [PATCH] Setting IPv6 route advertisement accepting interfaces

On Sun, 12 Jul 2009 22:49:52 +0200
Tonnerre LOMBARD <> wrote:

> Salut,
> This is the first part of my series of patches concerning IPv6 route
> advertisements. It simply moves the variable deciding whether or not
> to accept IPv6 route advertisements on a specific interface to be
> specific to that interface.
> A second patch is going to separate the setting of when to accept
> a default route (which is why there are more bits left on the
> autoconf integer. However, it would have been really cool had there
> still been 2 bits of space left on if_flags.)
> Either way, here's it. If your mailer doesn't like PGP signed
> attachments, go to
> to find a copy of said patch.
This is a good step, but I think that considerably more control is
needed, either at this level or a level above.  I'd like to be able to
filter advertisements by source and prefix.  For example, if my site
has native IPv6, I'd like to be able to exclude 2002:xxx -- 6to4 --
which are sometimes emitted by personal machines that I don't want to
route through.  

                --Steve Bellovin,

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