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Re: nameser.h vs nameser_compat.h

In article <>,
Petar Bogdanovic  <> wrote:
>while using res_query(3) I found out that a lot of examples in various
>3rd party programs use types/macros/defines from arpa/nameser_compat.h
>Stuff which was originally in arpa/nameser.h but then was moved and
>renamed in order to cleanup the naming (wild guess).
>I tried to stick with the newer arpa/nameser.h and found equivalents for
>all items I need, except the HEADER structure:
>            T_A --> ns_t_a
>          (...) --> (...)
>         HEADER --> ?
>Is there something like NS_HEADER or are you still supposed to use

the ns_msg_* macros and function?


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